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International and national shipments

With Unifret International Group you obtain solutions that are suited to your business, with flexible, reliable and competitive shipping services that include any kind of solution: from containers to pallets and packages, and local and international commercial shipments.

The success of the shipments, especially international ones, largely depends on efficiency and high standards. This is why Unifret International Group manages all the logistical and transportation requirements, remaining your only contact. Whatever the size and type of your business, and however complex your shipments may be, we can manage them by sea, air, rail and road. We do everything to ensure that your goods are delivered when and where requested. As far as possible. We offer our customers custom-designed shipping services for all types of freight and requirements. We base our trust on the knowledge of our collaborators, who guarantee a careful and dedicated service with 24/7 support in all phases of the shipment. Our rates are competitive, in line with the safety, reliability and flexibility of our services. Supported by a strong global network, we meet the demands of local markets, with a widespread presence throughout the territory and with knowledge of the different customs and administrative laws. We supply maritime, air, rail and road transport services to reach all locations worldwide, offering the utmost reliability and precision.


Explore all your possibilities for international and national shipments.

International shipments by sea

When costs are the deciding factor.

In collaboration with all the major shipping lines, port operators and shipping agents, we organise import/export shipments to and from any destination.

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Air shipments

When speed is of the essence.

Air freight transport is evolving fast into a complex, changeable operation.

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Rail shipments

The most sustainable alternative between China and Europe.

In a continuous evolving sector where it is increasingly becoming crucial to open up towards new routes and emerging countries, Unifret International Group offers integrated logistics services also via rail.

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Road shipments

For long distances, in Italy and internationally.

Regardless of whether you want to transport a single package or trust us to manage your entire supply chain from A to Z, we can deliver your freight anywhere.

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Special transports

For transporting everything that is not standard.

We can help you when you need to transfer extra large, irregularly shaped and extra heavy or complex loads.

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Where are you shipping to? Each destination requires specific documentation: the details of the freight, the routes, costs, storage times, delivery times and more.

Choose the country you want to ship from and allow Unifret International Group to help you find the best solution.


China, with a population of over 1.4 billion people, is the second largest economy in the world, the prime player – in the last few years – of a veritable boom in the import and export businesses. The volumes of the operations, combined with their frequency, make fluid and well-organised processes a must.
In-depth knowledge of international shipments, an experienced staff, and a Chinese background are the ingredients of our shipping services to and from China.
This way, the delivery times are significantly reduced, allowing us to offer a first class service. Whatever your load may be and wherever in China it may be headed, we have the right solution for you.
Our pride and joy for over twenty years has been our import service, with regular departures of full containers and consolidated sea and air shipments. Get in touch with our contact person for China.

Far East Asia

Years of experience in freight transport make us the right partners to manage your transport to and from the Far East.
We work with the top sea and air shipping companies to keep our quality standards at the highest levels. We manage shipments to Asia from all the European countries and vice versa, with the support of the experts in our global network.
We use customs warehouses with devices for registering your loads, and collecting and managing the shipping documents. We organise regular trips to and from Asia to ensure deliveries across the entire continent. Get in touch with our contact person for Far East Asia

Middle East & the Sub-Indian continent

We ship your goods to the key destinations in the Middle East and the nearby markets.
Our coverage combines local knowledge with an international perspective to create a comprehensive understanding of these markets. We stay constantly up to date as to the most reliable services for transporting goods towards the Middle East, India and Sri Lanka. By doing so, we can keep our transit times competitive and meet our customers’ expectations, even in regions with high political instability. Our flexible and adaptable shipping services for the Middle East and the Sub-Indian Continent: from the most critical shipments to routine deliveries – palletised or loose – we can help you consolidate your efficiency. Get in touch with our contact person for the Middle East & the Sub-Indian continent.

Algeria & Africa

Algeria is the biggest country in Africa and the tenth largest in the world. But Algeria and North Africa can be difficult destinations to reach. We offer our customers a complete service that includes shipment by sea and dry ports services.

Our services in Algeria and North Africa include:

  • Container shipments (Standard, Reefer, Irregularly shaped, Hazardous, Special projects etc.);
  • A dedicated team with experience and knowledge.

Unifret International Group also provides the same services in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and South Africa. Get in touch with our contact person for Algeria & Africa.


Unifret International Group guarantees the highest standards for shipments to and from Canada. We simplify the entire import-export process, assisting you with customs clearance and staying up to date with laws, regulations, tariffs and taxes. Understanding the many different aspects and shipping rules helps companies find the cheapest way to do it. We ship to China for various sectors, such as lifting and foodstuff machinery and integrated systems for industry. And not by chance, transatlantic trade is one of Canada’s main financial resources. Get in touch with our contact person for Canada.


With Unifret International Group, you can ship goods to and from North America.
We offer a full selection of air and maritime shipping services, including “White Gloves” and “Ring Bell” deliveries. We guarantee we will offer you the benefit of our experience in the local logistic market and full management of all the relative customs activities.

We can also offer full coverage and a complete range of services for road haulage shipments in North America.

  • FTL service between the USA, Canada and Mexico,
  • LTL service between the USA, Canada and Mexico (within the Unifret International Group Network),
  • Customised distribution and shipping in North America,
  • One-stop shop: Customs brokerage, FTZ, storage, specialised transportation, monitoring and security control.
  • Customs intermediation for USA, CAN and MEX, bilingual customer care and regulation-related skills.

Our integrated solutions will help keep your supply chain moving on a global level. Get in touch with our contact person for the USA.

South America

Brazil, Argentina and Colombia are some of the biggest countries in the world. The economic growth of this region is increasing the demand for imported products.
But importing or exporting to South America, both the first time and on a regular basis, can be tricky. Unifret International Group enables you to organize your transport chain from Europe to Latin America in a stable and reliable way.
We ship to important South American ports such as Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Cartagena and Manzanillo, with regular departures from the major European (EU) and Italian ports. We offer a full range of freight transport services via sea and air, to and from any country in South America. Get in touch with our contact person for South America.

Australia & Oceania

In view of the remoteness of the destination, Unifret International Group carefully chooses only the best, tried and tested partners for the shipment of your most important goods. We can offer shipping services to and from Oceania from anywhere in the world.
The entry of goods in Australia is regulated by strict customs regulations and governed by environmental rules. In accordance with current laws, the products must undergo mandatory fumigation. Unifret International Group guarantees a precise and rapid execution of the required procedures. Get in touch with our contact person for Australia and Oceania.

Added value shipping services

Let us work to make your logistics more complete.

Through our global partner network, you can choose the added value services that best meet your needs and, in this way, make sure your shipments are as effective as possible.

Trust our experts.
Our highly experienced professionals are ready to assist you in pinpointing the best solutions, even for the most complicated supply chain needs.

Customs operations

We provide management skills and assistance to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination on time.

Our precise custom brokerage services comply with the international standards and are perfectly synchronised with the shipments in import and export operations.
You can reduce the formalities involved by allowing us to manage all the required customs operations.

Our customs brokerage team has experience in the laws, rule and regulations in place, the custom duty rates in force, issuing the necessary documents and calculating and paying duties, taxes and other costs. It is fully at your service worldwide.
One of the most popular complementary customs services requested is the preparation and telematic transmission of the Intrastat declarations for goods and services.

Customs classifications

We support you in the declarations related to the HS code, facilitating your compliance with the various standards to be respected.

Our experts are trained in all the elements related to customs tariff classification, enabling you to acquire the correct documents in the shortest possible time. We ensure that the items have been analysed point by point and matched with the appropriate tariff numbers, to avoid delays and conflicts caused by non-conformities.
Each categorisation is accompanied by a series of supporting information, including a complete audit trail.

Adaptable, personalised service
We can assist you whether you need the guarantee of a team of experts at your service, or for a more personalised reporting solution.
The price of the customs conformity service provided by Unifret International Group is clear and we can also help your company save money by resolving any conformity shortcomings.

Why the Unifret International Group tariff classification is the best choice:

  • It complies with all tariff classifications,
  • It avoids delays, disputes and the accrual of extra customs duties for non-conformity,
  • It is a flexible service, suitable for all requirements.

Request a quote for our customs services.

Project cargo

To also fulfil the extraordinary requirements of particularly bulky and heavy shipments, our Projects Division studies and develops “ad hoc” solutions for all kinds of exceptional loads.

Freight insurance

You can enjoy maximum peace of mind when you let Unifret International Group manage your insurance requirements.
We insure our shipments in all phases, because in the freight transport sector – where fragile loads are often handled – adequate insurance coverage is a must. Unifret International Group protects its shipments and seeks the most appropriate insurance cover, designed based on the product types and the unique requirements of each customer.
Unifret International Group can find customised policies to insure all the phases of the shipment, from transport to storage and the complementary services. For special projects, or for certain categories of goods, such as perishable goods, luxury goods and industrial assets, we can locate the most suitable insurance cover.
To be able to provide a tried and tested service, we have developed a global insurance plan and operating processes that are shared by all the offices in the international network.

Ring Bell

With this service, we do just what it says! We ring your doorbell, pick up the goods and deliver them the same day.
Enjoy the convenience of planning exactly when your load has to be picked up, using this service by Unifret International Group.

White gloves

This premium service is gaining popularity among those who want to offer their customers the best service. A service for managing your most valuable and fragile shipments, always transporting them in first class.
The White Gloves pick-up and delivery service also offers a variety of complementary services that reduce the risk of your goods being damaged during the shipment and ensure your products arrive in perfect condition.

The White Gloves service of Unifret International Group includes:

  • same day pick-up or delivery, at home and/or the office,
  • professional packing and protection of your objects to ensure their safe transit,
  • unloading upon their arrival at destination,
  • installation and removal of the delivered goods.

Collect On Delivery (COD)

With this service, the Sender can request that Unifret International Group collect the “Goods Invoice Value” before delivering the shipment to the Recipient, in the form of a Cheque /Banker’s Draft / Payment order made out to the Sender. These payment documents are then returned to the Sender based on the chosen payment method. In this case, the shipment will only be delivered when the payment document is received by the Recipient of the goods.
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Shipment of hazardous goods

The transportation of liquid or solid inflammable or self-reactive goods, and goods classified as hazardous has become increasingly more difficult, due to the stricter logistic requisites, high safety standards, and environmental controls. Unifret International Group supplies a full range of the logistic and transport services necessary for the international shipment of finished and semi-finished chemical products, substances in various aggregate states and hazardous (but not explosive) materials. We have worked with well-known chemical companies and suppliers of raw materials, always paying close attention to occupational health and safety and environmental protection. We help our customers to ensure a continuous supply of hazardous goods at the international level and over long distances. We organise shipments with various vehicles and other means of transport, in the regions of Europe, Asia and the United States.

Evaluate the most suitable solution for transporting hazardous goods with one of our experts.
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Controlled temperature freight transport

Recently, the use of refrigerated containers and controlled temperature solutions has increased dramatically. Our professionals combine an in-depth knowledge of your goods with technical expertise on refrigeration and an excellent grasp of the local laws and regulations. We have the ability to provide exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a stand-alone basic product such as a cold room, or more complex solutions for road, sea or air shipments. Your contact person can do a lot to save you time and money: coordination of many local retailers, and centralisation of responsibility through various delivery methods. We know that your goods require careful monitoring. This is why we do everything we can to ensure that your load is not exposed to circumstances such as sudden changes in temperature, stains, rain and snow. We make sure that your most delicate items reach the right temperature and, above all, that they are fresh and in optimum condition upon their arrival at destination. Choose Unifret International Group to create an innovative and attentive supply chain process.

Evaluate your optimum chilled storage solution with one of our experts.
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Unique shipments

The more complex your work is, the more useful it can be to have a single contact person for the supply chain who knows how to respond to the specific needs of your business.
Whatever your sector, we offer personalised transport solutions.

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