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    Customer service

    Our customer service is personal, not personalised.

    You won’t be connected to an automatic answering machine, but instead will speak directly to your contact person at Unifret International Group, who will personally assist you and provide you with all the info about your shipment. You will speak to a real person. Always the same one.
    Because offering impeccable service means being precise, providing careful assistance and responding quickly to the customer’s requests. It means always being there, for every customer.

    Track and Trace

    We’ll do it on your behalf.

    Our staff is available to track your goods and provide you with all the details you may need by phone.


    Unifret International S.r.l.

    Viale Europa 59 – 20054 Segrate (Milano)
    Tel. +39 02 84573232 – Fax +39 02 84573229

    Rome branch

    Via G. Giorgis 10/A
    00054 Fiumicino (Roma)
    Tel. +39 06 65047327- 6507742
    Fax +39 06 6507702

    Turin branch

    Corso Grosseto 437
    10151 Torino
    Tel. +39 011 9538028 – 9531164
    Fax +39 011 9510125

    Bologna branch

    Interporto Blocco 2.2
    40010 Bentivoglio (Bologna)
    Tel. +39 051 0315779
    Fax +39 051 0315771

    Unifret Toscana S.r.l.

    Via Albert Einstein 35 Int. 19
    50013 Campi Bisenzio (Firenze)
    Tel. +39 055 8974471 – Fax +39 055 8974476



    Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions on our services, national and international shipments, import/export and much more.

    Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us by filling in the form at the top of the page.

    Unifret International Group

    The Group is managed by a well-qualified staff of professionals with years of experience in the sector and by the owners of the Company themselves who, as well as filling their own managerial role, also continue to perform operating functions.

    To guarantee full assistance to our customers, we work with a major insurance company specialised in transport.

    Unifret International Group serves all the main industrial and manufacturing sectors: textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, food (perishable and non), cosmetic, hi-tech, automotive, aerospace and maritime. We also take care of specific market niches, with a special focus on shipments of works of art.

    Customer care

    We are committed to delivering goods as soon as possible. And, in any case, in line with the times indicated when we issued our quote. We work with due diligence to ensure that this objective is always reached, except in the case of unexpected events that do not depend on us.

    In case of unexpected events, delays or problems of any kind, the staff of Unifret International Group immediately takes action to solve the problem quickly, providing the customer with continuous, updated reports until the issue has been completely resolved.

    Our customer care is our most important feature. Every time you need to speak to us, you can talk to the salesperson you concluded the contract with, or directly with the operator working on your shipment, regardless of whether it is an import or export operation and whichever way it is being carried, via sea, air or land. In any case, there will always be one person looking after all aspects of your shipment and you can rely on him or her at all times.

    Yes, there are some costs that cannot be foreseen and cannot be quantified when making our offer. Our honesty can be measured by our dedication to letting you know about any extra costs payable, and their amount. Here are a few examples:

    • Customs import duties
    • Port /Airport demurrage charges
    • Port /Airport warehousing
    • Custom Inspection
    • Various certificates such as Radiometric Control or other mandatory certifications requested by customs
    • Demurrage and Detention charges for shipments by sea
    Shipping services

    To know the status of your shipment or geolocate the goods, simply contact our staff. Our tracking service is extremely precise and reliable because it’s run by people. In real time.

    The main documents needed for an international shipment are:
    – Invoice (sales or proforma);
    – Packing list indicating the number and dimensions of the cartons and the relative weights (net and gross);
    – Import or export declaration;
    – Any certificates (if requested). For example: Certificate of origin; EUR1; ATR1; Phytosanitary and – in case of hazardous goods safety sheets – IMO dangerous declaration and DGR form

    The dimensional weight is equal to: 1 CM = 333 Kg for shipments by LAND, 1 CM = 166 Kg for shipments by AIR; 1 CM = 1000 Kg for shipments by SEA.

    We can take out ALL RISK insurance cover on shipments of new goods that would cover reimbursement in case of damage, fire, theft and complete destruction.

    All our shipments are handled with due care and diligence and are delivered to destination thanks to a well-established network of partners with whom we have been collaborating for years, in Italy, Europe and overseas.

    Yes, just send written confirmation to your assigned salesperson and/or to the department operator.

    If the recipient cannot receive the shipment, the goods will be held for pick-up in our warehouses or in those of our partners, until the recipient indicates a date that they can receive the shipment.

    Yes. When expressly requested, P.O.D. (Proof Of Delivery) is provided. This is confirmation that the goods have been delivered, bearing the place, stamp, date and signature of the recipient.

    In general yes, as long as it’s not during the last step in the logistics chain (the goods are already on the vehicle planned for their delivery to destination).

    The transit times are always estimated and are based on the standard times for the route in question. Shipping times may vary depending on the situation and, in particular, in routes with one or more transhipments. Our team will ensure all our customers are constantly updated.

    Shipments by sea

    We manage regular maritime services to and from locations all over the world, both in Full Containers and as Groupages (LCL). We are also specialized in managing irregularly shaped and extra heavy goods, and we offer door-to-door services with regular shipments to and from China, the Far East, the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, the Sub Indian Continent, the Middle East, and Africa, (with particular knowledge of Algeria and South Africa).

    We manage shipments with all the dry containers available on the market: 20’ and 40’ Box, 40’ e 45’ High Cube, special equipment such as Open Tops, Flat Racks, and Reefers for temperature controlled goods, Tank containers.

    Yes, hazardous goods can be transported, except for explosive materials.
    Our team has full knowledge of all the IMO DGR regulations and methods of transport.

    Contact us by email, phone or by writing directly from our website.

    Air shipments

    Unifret International Group offers consolidated shipments to and from China, the Far East, India, the USA, Canada, South America, Mexico, South Africa and the Middle East. With guaranteed spaces on a wide range of routes and door-to-door service.

    We work with all the major air freight carriers: Swiss Cargo, Lufthansa, KLM Air France, Iberia, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Turkish, Emirates and Cathay Pacific, Cargolux.

    Each shipment can combine different maritime, air and road transport solutions. This is possible always to guarantee the search for an optimum solution in terms of costs and delivery times.
    Combined solutions are available on all the major routes to Asia and the West Coast USA.

    We can handle different types of ULDs: LD1, LD2, LD3, LD6, LD7,LD8, LD11, LD3 Reefer, LD7 Reefer.

    Yes, hazardous goods can be transported, except for explosive materials. We are familiar with the product and its shipment method, and therefore can ensure that it is managed in compliance with IATA/ICAO DGR regulations.

    By filling in the quote request form, or contacting us by phone or email.

    Freight transport by rail

    Rail transport to and from China is an excellent solution for improving the transit times compared to a shipment by sea. Unifret International Group guarantees regular departures to and from the major Chinese rail terminals, with the possibility of door-to-door delivery.

    By contacting our operational staff, who follow each shipment every step of the way.

    We can offer services with 40’ Full Containers or groupages.

    Yes, provided they are accepted by the rail carriers and all the necessary documents are presented.

    By contacting us via email, by phone or writing to us directly from the website.

    Freight transport by road

    Unifret International Group offers various road transport solutions, in Italy and throughout Europe.
    The main ones are: groupage service; full truckloads; shipments with multiple pick-ups; express vans; transportation of irregularly shaped and exceptional loads: temperature controlled refrigerated transport.

    An essential requisite for ensuring that the delivered goods are fully intact is perfect packaging. That is, the goods shipped must be placed in protective packaging (cartons, wooden crates, etc.) and, if possible, positioned on standard pallets (EUR 80×120 or 80×60) to facilitate their handling within the various Hubs /Groupage terminals and their loading/unloading with forklifts and pallet jacks. The care exercised in choosing the protective wrapping must always be proportional to the fragility of the goods being shipped: the more delicate these are, the better the packaging must be.

    The trailers we use are of different types and meet different transportation requirements. These include the following: trailer trucks with 13.60 lm curtainsider, low bed, covered trailers, with cold store, tail lift, vehicles with crane, open top loading vehicles; 35, 50/70 and 90/100 quintal engines; Ducato type boxed vans and curtainsider vans, small Doblò or Fiorino type vans.

    Yes, hazardous goods can be transported, except for explosive materials.

    By contacting us via email, by phone or writing to us directly from the website.

    Exceptional loads

    Yes, our experts are available to give you all the information you need.

    It is essential for you to share the technical drawing with us, complete with lifting points, dimensions and weight.

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