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Shipments for your industrial sector

At Unifret International Group, we manage our shipments by responding to the specific challenges of the various industrial sectors.

Each request is studied right down to the last detail to provide a customised solution. In this way, we streamline the various phases of the shipments and optimise the processes.

Every day we find solutions that transport our customers’ goods to markets all over the world.
Whatever your sector, Unifret International Group is the international freight carrier for you.


Decor, furniture and design

We transport furniture, furnishing accessories and design objects anywhere in the world. We know that a prestigious company in the design and furniture sector also stands out for its ability to deliver its products on time and guarantee they arrive in excellent condition. A less than perfect management of the shipment can have a significant impact. This is why we have developed dedicated procedures and integrated services, able to meet the expectations of our customers in the furniture industry. Our team works hard to ensure that every shipment of design furniture and furnishing accessories is handled with the greatest care. The transportation involves regular contacts and a pro-active attitude to guarantee that any delivery issues are managed and notified in advance.

Evaluate the most suitable shipments for furniture products with one of our experts. Request a consultation.


Shipments for the textile industry involve transporting various types of products: from fabrics (in rolls or semi-finished products) to finished garments.
Shipping rates are determined by the density of the load and how the goods are classified.
If you’re a textile manufacturer, you could use our services to move products from one plant to another or to a warehouse, a retailer or another producer.
Overcoming the challenges associated with shipping for the textile industry can help keep your supply chain solid. These challenges could include searching for competitive rates, selecting the best carriers, guaranteeing punctual deliveries and suitable documentation.
This is why it is essential to choose the best partner for your national and international shipments.

Evaluate the most suitable shipments for the textile industry with one of our experts. Request a consultation.


We are well aware of the important mission of the food industry: providing safe food to millions of people worldwide. This is why we guarantee all of the necessary vehicles for storing, handling and distributing the products 24/7, and we ensure compliance with the highest quality and service standards.
We deliver culinary products of excellence all over the world.
We are a valued partner of some of the major wine and food companies. We fully understand the complexities of this sector, such as the need for procedures that meet the highest standards and the market criteria.
We have managed considerable volumes of import/export traffic on behalf of key companies in the food sector, by transporting goods of plant and animal origin via sea, air and land. Overcoming all the transport and customs difficulties.
To avoid risking compromising the quality and safety of your food products, we offer temperature controlled services with integrated solutions for every carrier operating on the sea, in the air and on land.
We monitor and guarantee the correct humidity and temperature levels throughout all the phases of the shipment and the final delivery.

Evaluate the most suitable shipments for the non-perishable food industry with one of our experts. Request a consultation.


The beverage sector requires a great deal of attention since the products deteriorate easily.
Having the specific necessary skills is just as essential as carefully coordinating the various transportation phases, so as to keep the cold chain intact until the goods are delivered.
For international shipments of alcohol, especially wine, Unifret International Group offers a full range of transport services thanks to our long distance beverage distribution models. Our specialised staff evaluates the needs and unique features of every customer, develops optimal delivery routes and calculates the cost of the shipments. This means that we manage the transit of the goods using various forms of transport. Regardless of the geographical area of transit, we organise the importing and exporting of alcoholic beverages by the required delivery dates. We offer flexible prices with quality service through successful partnerships with international transport companies and warehouses all over the world.

Evaluate the most suitable shipments for the alcoholic beverage sector with one of our experts. Request a consultation.

Fragrances and Cosmetics

Cosmetic companies face important challenges every day, not only in the field of research and development, but also on the supply chain level. Shipping perfumes is a delicate and complex matter, because it means transporting delicate, often flammable products made with ingredients that are sensitive to light and heat sources. This is another reason why the shipment of cosmetics is truly one of a kind.
On one hand, new products spark new trends and make companies pay more attention to their supply chains. On the other hand, the distributors need to rapidly transport their products to meet the demand. Especially if they want to reach global markets.
Unifret International Group is able to offer a full range of shipping services dedicated especially to the cosmetic and perfumery industry, We can manage shipments in Europe, North Africa, the Middle and Far East, South America, the United States and Canada with any means.

Evaluate the most suitable transport solution for the cosmetic and fragrance sector with one of our experts. Request a consultation.

Car parts

Car manufacturers often find themselves facing difficulties such as the (imminent) blockage of the production line. Problems like this can be caused by interruptions in the regular transportation service or by errors in implementing the supply chain. Issues created by the length of the transit chains and their increasing complexity. For example, supplier companies may produce individual parts in Asia, and then have them assembled in Europe by the vehicle manufacturers before the final delivery. At the same time, the growing demand for rapid customised logistic services has been increased by the growing number of suppliers worldwide. Our customers receive stocks in time to meet the strict Just-in-Time requisites in the production line. We help them synchronise the shipments of car parts to and from various markets, and to streamline order fulfilment. Our experience helps prevent bottlenecks in your international supply chain: with the correct documents and the right labelling and product descriptions to help expedite customs clearances.
This is also crucial for the development of your business.

Evaluate the most suitable shipments for the car part industry with one of our experts. Request a consultation.

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Covid-19 has significantly affected this sector, thus making it necessary to study and analyse the distribution network in detail. Constantly increasing market demands have underlined the importance of being sustained by a partner capable of meeting these new requirements with a high level of flexibility. We realize that solutions to continuous market developments need to be found fast, and this has highlighted and reinforced our organisation’s ability to always put the customer first.
There are no standard processes that can be shared with the whole healthcare sector. The best definition is “ad hoc”. The different types of medical equipment, and the complexity of certain pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, require different approaches.
And all your customers expect reliability and ever more specific delivery times.
Unifret International Group allows its customers’ supply chain to communicate with a single contact person, so that precious, and often life-saving goods can arrive at their destination safely, on time and at the required temperatures.

Evaluate the most suitable transport solution for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector with one of our experts. Request a consultation.


In the hi-tech sector, transport solutions are fundamental. The prompt delivery to market of your items can influence their success and failure: especially in case of products with a short life cycle. Monitoring the entire supply chain – from the supplier base to the end customer – means reducing transport costs and optimising the speed and the access to information.
Unifret International Group successfully works alongside some of the best technological companies in the market. This is possible because we know the sector and the tailor-made services and we can guarantee a competitive edge.
For semi-conductors to consumer electronics, computer hardware, telecommunications, printing and imaging hardware, our technological team can provide innovative and reactive solutions to meet all requirements.

Evaluate the most suitable shipments for the technology sector with one of our experts. Request a consultation.


We provide shipments 24/7/365 to meet the needs of the global aerospace industry, supporting it with an in-depth knowledge of import and export operations, customs clearance and delivery. We respond rapidly, supplying services to the airlines, engine manufacturers, maintenance companies, in-flight service and ground assistance companies. Thanks to our experience in time-critical shipments for customers in the global aerospace sector, we can guarantee rapid, regular deliveries. Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with all the players in the air charter industry: airlines, airports, handling agents, control authorities and other related agencies. Our close-knit network enables us to rent planes for all your requirements, also in the aerospace sector.

Evaluate the most suitable transport solution for the aerospace and defence sector with one of our experts. Request a consultation.

Parts for the shipping industry

International transport moves at a fast pace and ships must keep moving in order to work economically. The operators in the naval sector must therefore ensure the efficiency of their supply chains. Ship owners, management companies, shipyards, shipping companies, producers, suppliers: we offer tailor-made solutions to everyone operating in the marine parts industry.
Our consultants are capable of identifying the shortest routes to any port, using the most appropriate freight transport method. Our services cover all aspects of the shipping process: from order management to purchases, from inventory and project management to delivery. We believe in transparency, so you can also count on offers that have been devised especially to meet the required prices and delivery times.
Our vast range of services can be modulated every time, according to your requirements. We deliver marine spare parts all over the world: from our central premises or directly from the country of origin.

Evaluate the most suitable shiEvaluate the most suitable transport solution for the marine spare parts sector with one of our experts. Request a consultation.

Marble and Ceramics

For years we have managed shipments of tiles, marble, ceramics and stone, as well as the machinery used to process these materials. We work at the highest quality standards, continuously improving company processes and successfully tackling our customers’ requests, providing door-to-door deliveries, in-house customs clearance, warehousing and delivery, based on the specific company needs. Every customer, from large companies to small producers, can rely on a specialised customer service department and on high quality relations, to meet the needs of their sector.
For many years we have been successfully fulfilling the demands of our customers for the transportation of marble, ceramics, granite and stone in general.

Evaluate the most suitable shipments for the marble and ceramics sector with one of our experts. Request a consultation.

For all sectors

These are just some of the sectors for which we offer freight shipping services. Whatever your business, we monitor the main stages of the transit and the relative times. This way we can immediately identify any unexpected events as they occur and then effectively manage the problems by promptly informing everyone involved. Our storage and distribution services enable us to continuously assist you, from the container to the end customer. We can supply packing, consolidation, quality control and labelling services so that every load is ready for its next trip. Contact Us.