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We work hand-in-hand with our customers to discover the best possible supply chain solutions to create new value and maintain long-term relationships.

Our transport and logistics consulting services have assisted numerous businesses all over the globe in determining the most efficient and cost-effective method of carrying their goods. We provide advice on all aspects of the commodities movement, from route design to administrative tasks.
Moving goods throughout the globe needs the utilization of several modes of transportation as well as the resolution of numerous logistical challenges.
Our specialized transport and logistics consulting services are largely geared at businesses who move items on a regular basis.

Our firm evaluates risk management and loss avoidance. We bring multidisciplinary knowledge to bear on all elements of freight transport, from initial consultation to technical due diligence, route planning to the design of any vehicle modifications, including surveys, inspections, and checks.
We provide freight consulting services to clients all around the globe, in all time zones.

We recognize that each customer has unique demands and goals.

Our mission is to provide the finest freight solutions to all of our clients. While designing the ideal route for all shipments, we consider your budget, time restrictions, and technical needs.

For the transportation of your products, Unifret International is the right business partner. Our objective is to guarantee that your goods are handled with the utmost care.

Our transport and logistics consulting services combine logistical experience and skilled personnel to provide flawless coordination between carriers, forwarders, operations, and you.

Our experts will assist you in identifying and overcoming logistical, customs, operational, and strategic challenges.
Because every solution we suggest is based on your requirements.
Contact us right now to learn more about your company’s transportation and logistical needs.

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