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We manage both quotes for single and for multiple shipments including any additional services, if required.

We think that service makes a difference, but we also understand the value of affordability. In general, an LTL haulier is solely responsible for the goods that are transported by their vehicle. White gloves shipping entails services other than the essential ones that LTL freight does not supply. Unifret International tailors its services to your individual requirements.

When it comes to moving furniture, antiques, or other valuable objects, white gloves freight provides an unrivaled level of care. Your things will be packed, transferred, loaded, and unloaded by us. Also included are the unloading of your goods and the disposal of any waste created. If you are shipping delicate products or just do not want to be bothered, this is the highest degree of service. When your products reach at their destination, they will be unloaded properly and delivered to the location you designate. These services are beneficial when the object is too huge or heavy for one person to handle, or when you don’t have somebody to assist you move it.

Our professionals will establish with you the unique requirements and demands for transporting your items, organizing your shipment using the finest possible methods and materials.
By telling your agent, you may add any equipment needed to transport your consignment during the quote process.

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