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At Unifret International Group, we manage our shipments by responding to the specific challenges of the various industrial sectors.

Decor, furniture and design

We transport furniture, furnishing accessories and design objects exercising the same diligence as if they were our own, anywhere in the world.

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From rolled fabrics and semi-finished textiles to finished garments. We take care of every detail, with all the attention required by the textile industry.

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We respect the highest quality and service standards and we deliver excellent culinary products all over the world.

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We manage the shipment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, with a full range of coordinated national and international services.

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Fragrances and Cosmetics

We offer a full range of services for the cosmetic and perfumery industry, managing international shipments with a variety of carrier types.

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Car parts

We help synchronise the shipments of car parts from and to various markets. Our experience is crucial in a worldwide supply chain.

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Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Medical equipment, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products: we ensure that all kinds of precious and often life-saving goods arrive safely at destination.

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We work alongside the best technological companies in the market. Our knowledge of the sector and our tailor-made services ensure a competitive edge.

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We supply shipping services 24/7/365, with rapid and regular deliveries to meet the needs of the global aerospace industry and support it with our in-depth knowledge of the sector.

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Parts for the shipping industry

Ship owners, management companies, shipyards, shipping companies, producers, suppliers: we offer tailor-made solutions to everyone operating in the marine parts industry.

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Marble and Ceramics

We manage shipments of tiles, marble, ceramics, stone and the machinery for processing these materials. We also provide door-to-door deliveries and inhouse customs clearance services.

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For all sectors

Whatever your business, we monitor every stage of the transit and the relative times. We supply packing, consolidation, quality control and labelling services so that every load is ready for its next trip.

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We manage your shipments with care

Explore the possibilities for national and international shipments.

Special Transports

We are your go-to global shipper

Choose the country you want to ship from and allow us to help you find the best solution.

We offer services for all NEEDS

Leave it to us to make your Supply Chain more efficient.


A-to-Z management and global assistance for all customs operations and responsibilities.


Support for declarations that guarantee compliance with the required standards.


Design and development of tailor-made solutions for all kinds of exceptional loads.


Insurance protection for all shipments, based on the type of goods and the related requirements.

Ring Bell

Guaranteed same-day pick-up and direct delivery to the address provided.


All the care of a Premium service, devised with the most valuable, delicate shipments in mind.

Collect on Delivery (COD)

The advantage of collecting the invoice value of the goods upon delivery to the Recipient.

Shipment of hazardous goods

Logistic and transportation services ensuring maximum safety for hazardous goods.

Controlled temperature freight transport

Innovation and attention to detail for controlled temperature solutions in every phase of the shipment.

and storage

The linearity of a traceable sequence of activities to optimise the supply chain.

Unique shipments

The more complex your work is, the more useful it can be to have a single contact person for the supply chain who knows how to respond to the specific needs of your business. Whatever your sector, we offer personalised transport solutions.

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